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Privacy Policy for the Eugene Big Wheel Rally under 21 racers.

The registrant agrees to the terms of registration for the over 21 Big Wheel Rally except for the following Privacy Policy. The Eugene Big Wheel Rally exceeds compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in that racers under 18 must be registered by parent or legal guardian instead of the age limits set by COPPA .  Racers over 18, but under 21, are legally adults and can register themselves. 

This Privacy Policy applies to all under 21 racers in the Eugene Big Wheel Rally. Unless given written permission by a parent, or legal guardian, the Eugene Big Wheel Rally maintains underage racer’s privacy by not showing the names or faces of any of our contestants. All promotional photos taken by the Eugene Big Wheel Rally including those of race winners, will not show any child’s face, or have names used. Media outlets will be instructed to abide by the Privacy Policy. Likewise parents or legal guardians are responsible for the photos they take. If a parent or legal guardian of a child wants to document their child’s participation they should be prepared to take their own photos. The Eugene Big Wheel Rally is not responsible for photos posted to Facebook, or other social media, by parents, legal guardians, or others.  

To register for the under 21 Big Wheel races you must agree to our Privacy Policy for under 21 racers.

Registration is free. Participation is limited to 16 racers in 3 age groups. Registrations are on a first come first served basis.   

Registration of racers under 18 requires the consent of a parent or legal guardian. To register please email the following information to the Eugene Big Wheel Rally at oldeschoolgardener@centurylink.net

Racers name ________________________Age__________ 

Parent or legal guardian_____________________________

Address __________________________________________

Phone  ___________________________________________

Email ____________________________________________


Eugene Big Wheel Rally

Check out the original Big Wheel Rally at www.BigWheelRally.com to see a really fun event. Be sure to check out the photo gallery. I have been encouraged by the founder of the Big Wheel Rally, Matt Armbruster aka Captain Obvious, to start a Big Wheel Rally in Eugene. 

It's a Blast!

Let your inner child out to have some fun while supporting a good cause. We want you to come ride Big Wheels with us. Costumes are encouraged but not required. Over 21 folks can join us for a quirky good time July 28, 2018. It's a Saturday night out on Big Wheels! For those under 21 there will be Big Wheel races after the EUG Parade on Sunday, July 29. Check the events page for places to get a Big Wheel.   

Pre-Registration has Started!

C'mon folks you got to admit that Eugene having a Big Wheel Rally is going to be a lot of fun!!! Check out the Rally Itinerary and Register today! Under  21 registration is free!



Email, call, or drop by in person.

Eugene Big Wheel Rally

4155 Henry Ct. Unit O, Eugene, OR 97402

(720) 409-8516


Monday - Sunday - Call first please 

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